Getting started on your Life 2.0 means having all the tools that you need to be successful. These extras are a specially curated group of resources that are an excellent supplement to the insights in Recalibrate for Life 2.0 book and workbook.

Cynthia Kyriazis, Founder of Productivity Partners, Inc.

Get Organized, Get Focused, Get Moving – How to Avoid Productivity Potholes

This book isn’t just about time management, it’s about ways to make choices easier so you have more time for what you want to explore and do. It also provides practical ways to set up your home office if you are in the process of recalibrating rather than retiring.

Diana Kander, Author of All In Start Up

This is a great book offering unconventional wisdom for starting a new business. With sound insights and lots of spark, Diana offers some fantastic advice for launching a new idea or product.

Download an experiment board to print and post on your wall OR Download the individual worksheet to help you run your experiments correctly.

Margaret Reynolds, Author of Reignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage Growth

Margaret’s new book focuses on helping leaders of regular companies get unstuck and return to high performance. Her practical, down-to-earth approach and examples make it clear she can help leaders understand and apply these principles effectively. In addition, she has a minibuk series titled Master Breakthrough Growth which features three books: The Personal Breakthrough: Discovering Growth Opportunities, The Leadership Breakthrough: Developing Growth Strategy, and The Company Breakthrough: Delivering Growth-The Keys to Implementation. They can be found here. Margaret also writes a weekly blog, called Reignite Growth, which you can sign up for here.

R. Lee Harris, Author of An Entrepreneur’s Words to Live By

We all know life is more than just business—but especially for the solo- or entrepreneur, sometimes business seems to take over life! Lee Harris has set down some wonderful inspiration and help for living a full, happy life as an entrepreneur. A simple, practical, no-nonsense advice book that you’ll be glad to have close by!

Thomas J. McCoy, Author of Employee Engagement: The Framework for the Future

Is it possible to leave a company stronger than how you found it? Tom answers just that question in his work–a sharp observer, he explains how to build trust and transparency to help your organization withstand the challenges of departing leadership. Overall, a great guide to creating a legacy for the business you’re leaving behind.

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