Life 2.0 Mastermind Groups

Life 2.0 Mastermind Groups

Collaborate, Explore, and Recalibrate! Join a Mastermind Group

Ready to join executives, business owners, and other professionals recalibrating for Life 2.0? A Mastermind Group is a great option for anyone who wants to share their challenges and explore new options with experienced professionals in a supportive environment.

Ground rules for Mastermind Groups:

  • Mastermind Groups are teams of 5-6 people.
  • Mastermind Group members commit to five, one-hour conference call sessions. It only works if everyone is there!
  • Mastermind Group members set the agenda for their meetings! However, Susan Spaulding will facilitate each meeting and can suggest topics.
  • Mastermind Group members will receive a copy of Recalibrate for Life 2.0: Transition Stories for Business Leaders.

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