It doesn’t matter if you’re retiring at 70…it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with big changes in your work…it doesn’t matter if you’re burned out. It doesn’t matter what your title is, what you’re worth, or what you know.

What matters is that you’re ready to start your Life 2.0.!

Susan knows what a lot of people today are dealing with as they face retirement or prepare to exit their business. Drawing on the stories of other executives and business owners, as well as her own experience and expertise, her keynotes center on the challenges of reinventing yourself, whether you’re a business owner, a CEO, or any kind of professional.

Susan pushes her audience to think about what they might do in their next chapter. Offering both powerful inspiration and practical advice, she shows her listeners how to create a new story that can be just as big, exciting, and rewarding as anything that came before. These talks are based on the stories and ideas presented in Susan’s book Recalibrate for Life 2.0, and are designed to engage, educate, and encourage participants.