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Marilyn Gray

The 10% Nuggets

It was like reading a book about raising children -- you may know 90% of what is being said, but it's the 10% of "nuggets" that make the difference.

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Kathy Dodd

A must read for Boomers who are considering or actively making a shift in their professional life.

I enjoyed reading your book Susan and found the stories of the business leaders interviewed rang true for me personally. I will recommend the book to others who are making a shift in their current professional careers and needing some sage advise by those who have done so in a positive and(...)

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Nancy Whitworth

Inspirational Book about Endless Career Possibilities

I really enjoyed Susan's telling of these inspirational stories about successful leaders/professionals who have re-imagined themselves and then made it happen! This book is great for anyone who needs to recharge or redirect a career. It challenged me to think outside the norm about career choices and transitional possibilities. Thank(...)

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Lidia Young

Life 2.0 will ignite your thinking about creating a significant "next chapter"

Life 2.0 is the answer to how a Baby Boomer can create a significant ‘next chapter’ in their life. Fourteen executives share their retirement journeys with stories that reframe “retirement” and trigger new ideas. Their stories will ignite your thinking and prompt the right questions to inspire your own Life 2.0.

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Claire Brand

Introspective and helpful read

Life 2.0 provides a real life perspective on the challenge facing many individuals who had a passion for their work and had exemplary and successful careers. After determining one's financial viability to retire, and selecting the date to do that, there is yet another major question to be answered. The question of "now what?" can be one of the most(...)

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B. Blades

Life 2.0 sounds exciting until you're staring it the face. Thank you, Susan Spaulding, creating a guide – with stories I can relate to – and a new way to view success. Love this book!

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Ronda Shea Zillner

Life 2.0--Help in Growing Forward with Solid Direction

The book, and one/one interaction through the process with Susan is amazing. Susan's personal guidance through the Life 2.0 workbook revealed insights I may not have recognized on my own. A blueprint is now in place and provides a much needed, and energizing, North Star to what comes next.

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Amazon Customer

Wisdom that is actionable and inspiring

Susan has not only written a timely piece but the wisdom is actionable and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your brilliance.

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Larry Jacob

This book is helpful to anyone who is thinking about a major career shift; not just for Baby Boomers. I enjoyed many of the insights it provided.

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Amazon Customer

Beneficial for a Range of Individuals, Packed with Actionable Advice

As a highly-experienced corporate individual currently moving through a career transition, I found the value of Susan's book to be much broader and deeper than just transitioning toward retirement. The diverse, robust and insightful conversations that Susan captures provide solid advice and guidance on how to leverage my(...)

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John C. Trewolla

Real, and really thought-provoking

LIFE 2.0 is real, not theory. Susan Spaulding has collected these real-life insights from people who have re-defined "retirement" in novel ways. These stories opened up my thinking to new ways to answer, "What should I do next?" The interviews deal with many of the issues that have kept me awake at 3AM. LIFE 2.0 is helping me get excited about what I(...)

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Phil Singleton

This is a really great book with actionable advice on how to leverage previous career experience into a rewarding senior leadership lifestyle. What I enjoyed most about this book is how it includes the voices of many actual business leaders that are making or have successful made this career transition. Each chapter also includes a list of takeaways and and questions to ask yourself.

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Starting the conversation for the next steps

Susan has captured a dilemma that all of us will face some day: what does retirement mean to me? For many, the siren call is not to be ‘put out to pasture’, or to ‘golf and travel’, but to continue to find a way to make contributions to their field, their community or to pursue their passion, but on their own terms. Susan weaves a story of(...)

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Pamela J. Kelley

A wonderful book full of rich, insightful stories from a group of successful leaders. I was hooked from the first chapter, each story bringing insight into what all of us are facing or will face as we transition into "Free-tirement". I highly recommend this book to not only those in transition, but to those who still have many years to think of what they want to do once they Recalibrate for(...)

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Bob Lowry, Satisfying Journey

Written about business leaders but with lessons for anyone ...
Author Susan Spaulding has written an interesting book, one that looks at a specific type of retiree: business leaders. But, I found the value of her work to be much broader than that. As I read each of the conversations with fourteen corporate leaders and business owners, I discovered life lessons that can apply to many of(...)

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Cameron Bishop

Inspirational and a useful tool for those who find themselves in a similar ...
Susan Spaulding is both a provocative and sensitive observer of the human condition. She has artfully identified and captured what is very much an under-reported trend or, perhaps phenomenon in American business today. That trend is largely driven by the unprecedented number of baby boomer business owners and(...)

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Cynthia Kyriazison

Each story helps remind us that those of us on this journey are very much like one another and Life 2.0 ...

This author captured the right stories at the right time. Life 2.0 is all about the reflections, trials, tribulations, surprises and choices we make at this stage of life.So many of us spend our time discussing strategies for money during retirement, but little time on how we will(...)

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Bob Koester

Susan has done a great job of talking with people who contribute significantly to one's understanding of moving on in life. Life 2.0 reads easily and in so doing makes it's points clearly and without verbosity. In my opinion all of us in the "transitional" age group can benefit by reading it.